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Psychedelic Education and Continuing Care Program Event Lauch

  • The New School- Theresa Lang Center 55 West 13th Street, room I202 New York, NY 10011 USA (map)


Psychedelics are experiencing a resurgence in medicine. Current evidence supports their capacity to enhance psychotherapy and it is projected that MDMA (“ecstasy”) and psilocybin (found in magic mushrooms) will be prescription medicines by 2022.
The Psychedelic Education and Continuing Care Program aims to meet the needs of clients, the community, and mental health professionals. The program provides a setting where clients may speak about their experiences and gain psychotherapeutic support. Clinicians can also turn to this program to learn how to best work with patients who have a history of psychedelic use, to understand what are the potential benefits and harms associated with these substances, and how to provide optimal client care.

Join us for an evening of discussions about MDMA, psilocybin, and ayahuasca. Patient interviews will be screened and a Q&A panel will follow. Come learn about our programming and services.

About the Presenters:

Katherine Maclean, Ph.D. has studied the effects of psilocybin and other psychedelics at Johns Hopkins University. Ingmar Gorman, M.A. studies MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for PTSD with the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies. Andrew Tatarsky, Ph.D., is a leader in the field of harm reduction psychotherapy and director of The Center for Optimal Living, an outpatient treatment and training center in NYC. Julie Holland, MD is an established author in the field and a medical monitor on several MDMA studies. Stephanie Jones is nightlife community engagement manager at the Drug Policy Alliance.